Traditional Labor

Our team provides services in response to union organizing and Virginia workplace discrimination. A core element of our practice is representation of management in National Labor Relations Board and Public Employment Relations Board proceedings. We counsel employers on how to lawfully and effectively respond to union organizing from the onset of activity through the conduction of a secret ballot election. We also provide advice on collective bargaining agreements and effective contract administration, representing the employer at the bargaining table and at arbitration proceedings and providing advice on the preparation and implementation of strategies to be used in the event of a strike.


We at focus on the client’s total employment relationship. As a result, we provide additional services, including conducting independent investigations of employee misconduct and employment law audits designed to prevent litigation and identify legal compliance issues and other services in the areas of employee privacy, employment contracts, AIDS-related issues, unfair competition and trade secret disputes, non-competition agreements, occupational safety and health and personnel administration. Find a Tuscon personal injury attorney today to receive help with your personal injury claim.

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