Information Technology and Taxes

Information Security & Internet Enforcement Overview

All corporations, regardless of size and industry sector, rely on computer networks to store and exchange sensitive company information. This reliance, while increasing convenience and productivity, brings the risk of breaches in network security. Such breaches can originate either from outside the network (the external hacker) or from within the company (the nefarious employee).

Federal and state regulators and, in their wake, civil plaintiffs’ attorneys are setting their sights on information security breaches and incident handling as grounds for enforcement actions and class action lawsuits against the companies that house or transmit the compromised information. As a result, companies are being forced to develop and implement well-conceived information security programs. Such programs are not only required by law, or necessary to shield the entity from liability, but also can serve as business drivers because establishing and maintaining the trust of partners and customers are crucial in this highly networked environment.

Our attorneys at concentrates in counseling clients on compliance with the emerging patchwork of federal and state information

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