Strategy Development

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In addition to providing an analysis of the medical records and bills pretrial Consulting & Analysis assists in preparing the case for mediation, settlement or trial through coordination of the following services:

Life Care Plans & Future Cost Analysis

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One of the most important goals following a traumatic injury is to provide continuity of care for a program that goes beyond acute care and may last for the remainder of the individual’s life. A Life Care Plan provides a comprehensive summary of therapeutic modalities, education, attendant care services, medical follow-up, equipment needs, supplies, pharmaceuticals and other relevant topics for the individual with a traumatic injury. The plan highlights critical stages of development wherein the responsible party (family member, case manager, etc.) would want to institute particular services or programs. Thus the Life Care Plan provides an organized framework of services, recommendations, and requirements for long-term disability case management and recognizes the rehabilitation needs of the person with the disability in quality of life, long-term comprehension rehabilitation, support, and familial considerations. With help from a Bankruptcy lawyer in Louisiana.

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