Patients In Two Nursing Homes Found Infested With Maggots

The safety and health of residents should be the top priority of any nursing home or care facility. When families cannot care for their elderly parents or loved ones, they must trust that the nursing home staff will treat that patient with dignity and care.

Sadly, the news is often full of horror stories about nursing home abuse and neglect in New Jersey and elsewhere. It is a grim reminder that not elder abuse is still rampant.

Recently, incidents at two nursing home facilities in Michigan have prompted government intervention and raised serious concerns among the public.

In September, staff at a facility in Ann Arbor discovered a patient who had maggots in and around a catheter. She reportedly had to wait several hours to receive a shower after the discovery was made.

According to a press release by the nonprofit Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, the patient was eventually treated at the hospital, where doctors discovered that she had been suffering severe pain from a hip fracture. The nursing home staff also allegedly instructed the resident nurse manager to document the discovery of maggots as “dead tissue.”

Another facility in Oakland County also had issues of substandard care involving maggots. Emergency medical service personnel were working on a nursing home patient with a tracheotomy tube. When they suctioned the woman’s airway, they discovered that it was being obstructed by maggots.

Those who defend the quality of care in Michigan’s nursing homes say that these are two extreme examples and do not accurately reflect the overall care in the state’s 440 facilities.

But incidents like this should not be allowed to happen anywhere. When nursing home patients are harmed by intentional abuse or substandard care, it is important to hold the owners and staff responsible. In addition to criminal charges, patients and their families may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit against with a Detroit accident lawyers for these negligent caregivers.

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