Traditional Labor

Our team provides services in response to union organizing and Virginia workplace discrimination. A core element of our practice is representation of management in National Labor Relations Board and Public Employment Relations Board proceedings. We counsel employers on how to lawfully and effectively respond to union organizing from the onset of activity through the conduction of a secret ballot election. We also provide advice on collective bargaining agreements and effective contract administration, representing the employer at the bargaining table and at arbitration proceedings and providing advice on the preparation and implementation of strategies to be used in the event of a strike. Read More

Policies & Training

Our experienced staff of employment attorneys Norfolk, VA consult with employers regarding policies, procedures and programs to ensure clients are complying with the myriad of state and federal laws and regulations governing the workplace.  We offer a labor audit and site review, designed to identify those areas in clients’ policies, procedures and practices which may increase the potential for liability.  Areas covered by the audit include employing individuals with disabilities, discipline, employee handbooks, equal employment opportunity policies, harassment-free workplace policies, evaluations and promotions, recruitment, leaves of absence, required postings, record retention and reporting, and more. Read More

Pennsylvania Superior Court rules on man’s involvement in car accident

In October 2009, a Pittsburgh-area man pulled out of a gas station, and according to witness testimony, crossed two lanes onto the highway into oncoming traffic. Witnesses then described how an SUV, in an attempt to avoid an accident, hit the brakes causing the vehicle to fishtail. The SUV then struck another vehicle head-on, killing the driver inside.

The ensuing lawsuit from the surviving accident victims held compelling arguments on both sides but there was one contention the Superior Court had to decide on: does Section 3742 of the Motor Vehicle Code require a defendant to physically impact a vehicle, object or other person for the defendant to be deemed “involved” in an accident? Read More

Unusual Driving Laws through the US

The chance to be stopped to get a breach that is driving is something which the typical driver attempts to prevent especially after being in a truck accident. Operating the speed limit as well as in a method that is sensible are two fundamental methods to prevent this issue. However some driving regulations are not therefore specific that merely attempting to determine their importance in 2016 could be a mind bending exercise.

It’s not from the world of chance although there’s small opportunity that the driver could be halted for violations. This cannot be especially false in areas for blending cash out of unsuspecting motorists having a status. Read More

Divorce rates climbing in rural areas

Divorce is something that affects many people across the country and in Colorado. Now, experts are noticing that the geographic lines between who is getting a divorce and who isn’t are becoming increasingly blurry.

According to an analysis of census data performed by The New York Times, Americans living in rural areas are divorcing at nearly the same rate as those who live in urban areas. Read More

Man chooses jail over making alimony payments

There’s a lot more to divorce than dividing assets, or alimony, or child support. Sometimes the many facets of dissolving a marriage for a Colorado couple become intertwined.

An extreme example occurred recently across the country, in West Virginia. After a man and his wife had been divorced for years, he decided to stop paying alimony. Why? He found out he was not the biological father of their son. Read More

Information Technology and Taxes

Information Security & Internet Enforcement Overview

All corporations, regardless of size and industry sector, rely on computer networks to store and exchange sensitive company information. This reliance, while increasing convenience and productivity, brings the risk of breaches in network security. Such breaches can originate either from outside the network (the external hacker) or from within the company (the nefarious employee). Read More

Suspect in Chelsea King Murder Expected to Face Charges Today

Criminal charges are expected for John Albert Gardner III at a 2:30pm hearing today in the killing of Poway High School senior Chelsea King. Gardner was arrested Sunday on suspicion of rape and murder. The teen’s disappearance last Thursday during an afternoon jog at Rancho Bernardo Community Park prompted an extensive search effort by San Diego police and sheriff’s detectives, FBI dive teams, and hundreds of volunteers.

Authorities announced yesterday that they discovered a body in a shallow grave near Lake Hodges. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said they are almost certain it is Chelsea. A shoe had earlier been found in the area. The grave was about a half-mile from Chelsea’s parked car. Official identification of the body should be completed sometime today. Read More