Man chooses jail over making alimony payments

There’s a lot more to divorce than dividing assets, or alimony, or child support. Sometimes the many facets of dissolving a marriage for a Colorado couple become intertwined.

An extreme example occurred recently across the country, in West Virginia. After a man and his wife had been divorced for years, he decided to stop paying alimony. Why? He found out he was not the biological father of their son.

And, after refusing to pay the $1,800-per-month alimony since 2005, the man was sentenced this month to six months in jail. Despite not paying his wife for spousal support, he apparently did continue to pay child support in the amount of $1,300 per month.

According to sources, the couple was married before the child was born. Both he and the child’s mother did not learn of the paternity until two years after they were divorced. She apparently acknowledged giving birth to a child who was not his. Since the 37-year-old man is the child’s legal father, he is financially responsible for the boy, according to sources. The biological father is not.

The man said he is choosing jail rather than pay alimony, and told his ex-wife he had no intention of paying further spousal support. He reportedly is hoping his jail stint will fuel a change in paternity laws in the state.

The ex-wife’s attorney apparently would not discuss the allegations, other than to say that the man, who is now remarried to someone else, is the child’s legal father.

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