Forklift Safety Instruction and Presentation Program Synopsis

The Forklift Safety Instruction and Presentation Program is, without a doubt, the most complete and comprehensive training of its kind on the market. It was designed for safety managers, supervisors, or other designated personnel with a need to initiate an independent training program in their organizations or departments. The training is extremely thorough, yet, concise enough to only require two days to complete and avoid the need for a personal injury lawyer like The design goals of this curriculum were three-fold:

  • To provide training thorough enough to allow the participant to implement a full-scale safety training program of his or her own immediately following the course
  • To provide the participant with 100% of the customizable materials and aides to implement his or her program, with no further necessity for resource-gathering
  • To be cost-effective to the participant’s company or organization

The class is taught by knowledgeable, entertaining instructors and is comprehensive and accurate. The open-discussion format will allow the participants to have the opportunity to involve their own real-life workplace scenarios and unique situations, which will make this course material more effective in all environments.

Included in the materials given to each participant are tons of valuable, customizable resources, both printed and stored on CD-ROM, including:

  • Over 500 pages of training documentation, including the entire Forklift Operator Safety Training Program
  • All slide presentations for teaching the training classes covered
  • All tests and answer keys for operator training programs
  • Evaluation forms, safety audit forms, incident and accident report forms, investigation report forms, and dozens of other forms and documents, ready to personalize and use in your workplace to increase safety and compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Certificates and certification cards that can be personalized and administered to operators following successful completion of safety training programs
  • Graphics and images that can be incorporated in training classes and presentations

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