Divorce rates climbing in rural areas

Divorce is something that affects many people across the country and in Colorado. Now, experts are noticing that the geographic lines between who is getting a divorce and who isn’t are becoming increasingly blurry.

According to an analysis of census data performed by The New York Times, Americans living in rural areas are divorcing at nearly the same rate as those who live in urban areas.

Experts say that the change has come in part from a change in values and a change in the way women choose to live. As more women work and are increasingly independent, the idea of a traditional family has been altered.

A law professor at a Midwestern university says that in this respect, men have lost ground as women are gaining it, particularly among lower economic classes. She says that a working class man has less to offer to women today than he did forty years ago, which can offset reality from expectations and result in women leaving a marriage because it’s more acceptable than it once was for them to do so.

Education has also become a major factor in marriage. Americans with college diplomas have become more likely to get married and stay married than those who only graduated high school. This may be contributing to the increasing rural divorce rate as just one in six people living in rural areas have college degrees. A third of those living in cities do. If one spouse has a significantly higher level of education than the other spouse, it can also create a gap in compatibility and potentially lead to divorce.

As more and more women complete college and go on to work to support themselves independently, the traditional family of a working dad and stay-at-home mom has declined. With a less prominent negative stigma attached to divorce and greater levels of confidence, women have become more likely to walk away from a marriage that is no longer healthy. Don’t let divorce disrupt your insurance. Contact an experienced lawyer with https://www.mintzlawfirm.com/ today to ensure you stay on track.

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