Contacting an Attorney After a Car Accident

Car accident 3Does a person have to contact an attorney after being in a serious car accident?

If a person has been involved in a serious car accident, usually he or she will need an attorney to assist them with their claim. However, if the person isn’t hurt, then he or she doesn’t require an attorney at all.

It is essential to obtain one of our expert Rayville DUI defense attorneys if you or a loved one has suffered personal injury, has lost significant amount of time from work or school, or if someone in the accident is the one responsible for any injuries that you have sustained. Nevertheless, even if you aren’t seriously injured, don’t completely rule it out though because facts surrounding accidents are usually different.

Anything simple such as a fender bender can easily be handled by an insurance company.

When to run to  personal injury attorney for help

  • A serious injury has occurred such as a broken bone for example
  • A death has occurred as a result from the accident
  • Fault is definitely an issue and needs to be addressed
  • Other parties were involved in the accident
  • The accident took place in a construction area
  • A police report mistakenly puts you at fault
  • Other technical and medical issues are involved
  • You have no car insurance
  • Your insurer is acting weird
  • Your insurer gets its attorney involved in the situation

When to walk to an attorney

  • When you need to seek advice on a claim
  • Not sure if insurers are available
  • Fault is an issue in the matter
  • Not sure if your insurer is really helping you or not
  • Getting information on how to handle your insurer
  • If you don’t know what your rights are
  • If you are confused over the terms of your current policy
  • If you need an expert to look over any paperwork that you may haveFinding an attorney is relatively easy and you can usually find them either in or even online legal marketing.

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