Forklift Safety Instruction and Presentation Program Synopsis

The Forklift Safety Instruction and Presentation Program is, without a doubt, the most complete and comprehensive training of its kind on the market. It was designed for safety managers, supervisors, or other designated personnel with a need to initiate an independent training program in their organizations or departments. The training is extremely thorough, yet, concise enough to only require two days to complete and avoid the need for a personal injury lawyer like The design goals of this curriculum were three-fold:

  • To provide training thorough enough to allow the participant to implement a full-scale safety training program of his or her own immediately following the course
  • To provide the participant with 100% of the customizable materials and aides to implement his or her program, with no further necessity for resource-gathering
  • To be cost-effective to the participant’s company or organization

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Texting and Driving Causes Death of Infant

Recently we at have been talking a lot about the dangerous and even fatal repercussions of driving and texting. We have spoken about a teenager who was distracted by his phone and killed a pedestrian on a Saturday night. Last time, we spoke about how one study conducted by Car and Driver magazine showed that texting and driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. The study showed that the drivers’ reaction times were slower while texting and driving than the drivers’ reaction times were while impaired. Obviously, the combination is not safe. Read More