Suspect in Chelsea King Murder Expected to Face Charges Today

Criminal charges are expected for John Albert Gardner III at a 2:30pm hearing today in the killing of Poway High School senior Chelsea King. Gardner was arrested Sunday on suspicion of rape and murder. The teen’s disappearance last Thursday during an afternoon jog at Rancho Bernardo Community Park prompted an extensive search effort by San Diego police and sheriff’s detectives, FBI dive teams, and hundreds of volunteers.

Authorities announced yesterday that they discovered a body in a shallow grave near Lake Hodges. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said they are almost certain it is Chelsea. A shoe had earlier been found in the area. The grave was about a half-mile from Chelsea’s parked car. Official identification of the body should be completed sometime today. Read More

Protect your credit history and score before and after bankruptcy

As we mentioned earlier this week on our San Diego bankruptcy law blog, many consumers have probably kept close track of their budgets in order to cope with the difficult financial times. However, consumers may forget that they should also keep an eye on their credit report in order to make sure that they do not significantly damage their credit score in the event that they need to take out an emergency loan for an unexpected home repair or medical expense.

A low credit score can make it quite challenging for consumers to borrow loans or take out new credit cards. And when some individuals do not have an option to borrow money for an unexpected expense or while looking for a new job, they may suddenly be in a position where they cannot pay other debts on time such as a mortgage payment, car payment or credit card payment. Failing to make these payments on time will only result in further damage to one’s credit report and personal financial situation. Read More