Patients In Two Nursing Homes Found Infested With Maggots

The safety and health of residents should be the top priority of any nursing home or care facility. When families cannot care for their elderly parents or loved ones, they must trust that the nursing home staff will treat that patient with dignity and care.

Sadly, the news is often full of horror stories about nursing home abuse and neglect in New Jersey and elsewhere. It is a grim reminder that not elder abuse is still rampant.

Recently, incidents at two nursing home facilities in Michigan have prompted government intervention and raised serious concerns among the public. Read More

Sporting stadium safety concerns after a series of deadly falls

Many Wilmington residents have experienced the feeling of being in a sporting stadium and feeling slightly uneasy due to steep stairs and low balcony barriers. The design of these sporting venues makes it easy to pack in many fans while providing spectacular views, but some individuals claim that sporting fans are put at risk for personal injuries so that stadium owners can maximize profits.

A lawsuit was recently filed by the family of a toddler who died at the famous Los Angeles Staples Center last year. The family alleges that the barrier of a third floor luxury box was inadequate and allowed the toddler to make a quick dash and fall to his death. Read More